Length (m): 4.35 Weight (g): 645 n. sec.: 2 Section length (cm): 224 Casting (g): 125-180

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Scopri tutti i modelli fishing rod italcanna sparviero sport su Tognini, Ecommerce di pesca affidabile, veloce, sicuro

the Sparviero SPORT from Italcanna covers the need for two-piece rods for surf casting with shared action, suitable for power casting in fishing therefore easy to use, usable both by fishermen with technical experience of medium and advanced casting. The Sparviero Sport is a tool completely aimed at fishing with a non-exasperated action, able to adapt to the fisherman and not vice versa. Structurally it is made up of two symmetrical pieces, with a small diameter of about 21mm. to the reel seat and which under dynamic load draw a perfect C curve, however detecting a short and extremely sensitive dead tip. Precisely for these characteristics it lends itself to being underestimated as it is light, thin and with a fairly yielding stock, but the goodness of the carbon and the perfect scaling of the bow make the response fast and pleasant, it does not nail, forgive a not perfect launch, it is docile , but the return is instantaneous, almost unexpected at the even violent closure. On the peg it is regal, the very sensitive top bows to the waves just enough not to move the ballast, but the fused petticoat at the arch make it sufficiently ready to handle spikes and sanded pyramids. The top signals the slightest touch with clarity, it is difficult not to notice a customer feasting on the other end of the line, even if small in size. The recovery of a prey generates new sensations, the tip supports the escape attempts in an incredible way, but the control of the major prey passes to the underside that does not joke ... The Sparviero Sport is aggressive and ready, leaving the same sensitivity at the tip and is particularly aimed at 150g + bait. In general we can say that the Sparrowhawk represents a return of the two pieces to the world of fishing.

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