What is the Tognini Fidelity Card:

Tognini Fidelity Card

The Fidelity Card Tognini is a card that gives the possibility during purchases to get you to accumulate points that are worth money (eg 1000 points are worth 10 €) that you can partially or totally deduct on a next purchase.

The discount percentage in Bonus points may vary depending on the product you purchase, with the Card Tognini you can also enjoy interesting promotions on various products that you will find on our site, marked directly by the Discount Extra Bonus Card , (e.g. a product priced at € 95,00 with published Extra Bonus Card 1900 points, means that by purchasing that product at € 95,00 on your Card Tognini you will load 1900 points, that is € 19,00 that you can spend on a future purchase )

The Tognini Fidelity Card is the only real Card that makes you save on your purchases!

The holder of the Card Tognini will be able to consult the points balance directly on the Tognini Caccia e Pesca website using a personal password, and can decide at any time to unsubscribe and delete his own Card.

All holders of the Tognini Card will have the great advantage of receiving targeted promotions directly at home via their account or email at very attractive prices.

The Tognini Card has no cost.

Card Tognini “is convenient”

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