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The Daiwa 24 Amorphous Bolo Infinity Power Bolognese rod completes the Infinity series, designed for demanding fishermen looking for high performance. Characterized by a thin and reactive blank, made with the Daiwa SVF Nanoplus carbon fabric, the rod offers lightness and resistance, guaranteeing precision and power. Daiwa's X45 technology, incorporated into the design, ensures torsional stability, improving casting precision and reducing deformations under stress. The anti-stick V-Joint couplings allow an optimal connection between the sections, offering a uniform curvature. The Spine Alignment System optimizes the action of the blank, ensuring impeccable performance. Every detail is carefully taken care of, giving the rod a refined aesthetic appearance. Suitable for tackling challenges in fresh and salt water, the Daiwa 24 Amorphous Infinity Power represents a quality choice in terms of power and reliability. This rod demonstrates how Daiwa continues to set new standards in the sport and bolognese fishing sector. Features: Thin, responsive and durable blank. Daiwa SVF Nanoplus carbon fabric. X45 technology. Anti-stick V-Joint couplings. Spine Alignment System. Original Fuji hook holder. Reel seat area with non-slip finish. Supplied without frame to allow customization



The new Daiwa Amorphous Infinity L was born on the common thread started by the R version, a rod created to combine the benefits of new materials with a more classic design, maximizing the pleasure of use when fishing. The rod summarizes the main concepts of the Infinity project, declining them in a super-light variant: a diameter and taper adequate to fully exploit the mechanical characteristics of extremely high-performance materials, better balance and an extremely continuous action that fully exploits the curvature of the blank down to the lowest pieces. The diameter of the very thin barrel (22.5 mm at the butt in the 7m version) and the featherweight (just over 200 g for the 7 m) make it one of the most reactive, rapid and pleasant Bolognese rods to use, as well as one among Daiwa's lightest ever. In the version with rings the assembly is Fuji S. I. C. K, Fuji NS reel seat.

Ultra thin blank with high reactivity and resistance

Daiwa SVF Nanoplus carbon fabric

X45 technology

V-Joint couplings

Anti Stick-Joint

Spine Alignment System

Original Fuji hook holder

Reel seat area with non-slip finish



The new Daiwa Amorphous Bolo Infinity R is the variant of the famous high-end Bolognese series. A new project born to offer performance always at the top of the category, but with a different fishing feeling: this new version is characterized by a regular action but softer, rounder and more parabolic than the standard Amorphous. This allows you to speed up the recovery action, managing to tire the fish in a shorter time. The greater taper of the blank gives a better balance of the rod, also allowing excellent accuracy in casting and greater speed in the strike. Recommended for 0.08 to 0.16mm power amplifiers. SVF Nanoplus carbon blank. X45 technology. V-Joint couplings. In the version with rings the assembly is Fuji S. I. C. K, Fuji NS reel seat.