Our best products and accessories for herakles benjo hook

Benjo R is the evolution of the already excellent Benjo Shad.The body has been optimised to increase movement, the tail has been altered to enhance its appeal.We have added the tapered part of the head to increase the versatility and number of possible techniques, such as texas rig, drop shot and with no weights.With a simple cut at the point indicated under the head, the lure will be ready to be rigged on the Benjo jig head.The Benjo jointed jig head (with unknotted offset wide gap hook) for fishing in areas full of obstacles avoids snagging and amplifies the movement of the lure even with slow retrievals.The Benjo straight jig head (with fixed hook with straight shank) is more suitable for open waters and fast retrieves and vertical fishing, allowing lightning strikes.The colour chart has been chosen to crown an excellent lure for both saltwater and fresh water fishing.



The Benjio straight jig head its a straight shank head equipped with a bait holder, developed to be used on the Benjio shad but suitable for many other soft baits. Available in two different sizes, 5 and 10 grams.



This articulated Jig head with offset wide gap hook is ideal to fish in cover areas on slow retrieves, as it amplifies its tail movement. Rigging the lure as suggested its soft body covers the hook’s tip preventing it from snagging. The hook will be free to change its hooking angle like it was directly rigged on the line. This lead head is equipped with a joint where the hook will be inserted and locking arm to stop the bait. It’s easy to rig with no need for glue or any other particular procedure.



The Benjo hook is an offset wide gap hook especially developed for either the BENJO JOINTED JIG and for the BENJO SHAD. It is the result of countless tests to achieve the best solution on a matter of proportion between all hook’s parts: length, height and angle. The wide hook gap keeps the tip clear during the hook bite and the tip’s angle allow an immediate strike and an excellent hook hold after the penetration.