Our best products and accessories for italcanna stand up pro

The Italcanna Vector A4 is a fishing rod belonging to the LongCasting line, designed by computer and rigorously tested on various competition fields by different casters. With a length of 4.50 metres, the Vector-A4 stands out for its exceptional performance and, in some cases, allows for an improvement in casting ceilings. The rod is extreme both for its length and for the power obtained thanks to the use of high-level materials, while guaranteeing a record of lightness in its category. Suitable for all weights required by the LongCasting discipline, VECTOR-A4 is particularly recommended for athletes with good physical power. Fitted as standard with light and thin rings, the rod not only maintains an optimal weight balance but also reduces the aerodynamic braking effect. Vector achieved two world records in South Africa in February 2019, with a throwing distance of 281.19 meters in the 150g class and 280 meters in the 125g class.



New Italcanna Hexagon R3. After 20 years of success, the rod proclaimed by many to be the best telescopic ever created, the Hexagon is renewed with the R3 model. In fact, thanks to the most recent innovations in the field of composite materials, we have been able to overcome our previous CarboTitanium (Italcanna patent 12/13/2002) due to a mixture of IM/HM carbon in epoxy resin with a dispersion of nano-coposite fillers, and a stock made with the exclusive “StarCross” carbon This particular construction has led to a product with high reliability, while retaining the characteristic of the previous model of accumulating almost double energy compared to a traditional barrel in pure high modulus, and above all in capable of almost entirely returning this energy to the lead. The Italcanna Hexagon R3 100 stands out for the rapid loading of the lead even with little excursion (therefore it could also be suitable for low attack), ideal for light fishing for bream and gilthead bream, both from the beach and from the reef. The 150 model is sensitive, light, loads easily in progression without tearing the bait, and reaches considerable distances even with unforced casts. We could define the Hexagon R3 200 as the evolution of our Evo170 model, powerful and safe, it manages heavy ballasts in the best possible way, excellent with thin lines. All models have excellent balance, sliding tube that do not turn, plastic savers, and the most recent Fuji anti-node rings in SIC, with stone embedded in the metal structure. Their particular shape prevents the line from getting caught during the cast. The Italcanna Hexagon R3 represents today the top of our production in the telescopic sector for surfcasting. Hexagon R3 150 - Action 0.7 Hexagon R3 200 - Action 0.74.



The Desert Storm Acid Fuoco by Italcanna is based on a new very reactive blank with a strong increase in power, particularly developed for fishing with braids (although also suitable for monofilament). In fact, in the first 20-30 cm, this blank optimally compensates for the lower elasticity of the braided lines, exponentially decreasing the risk of breaking the line due to sudden and rapid leaks that even the best friction could not compensate due to the inevitable mass of the spool. This blank is therefore thin and light, in the two nominal powers of 30 and 50 lbs for which it has been expressly calibrated. Partially made of high-strength carbon and an innovative zero-memory fiber, today it represents the best possible compromise between power and elasticity. This blank was then excellently completed for the "DESERT STORM" with a new ergonomic two-color washable handle, and a new and light handle with a particular color that stands out and goes well with both the gold and silver reels but also the colored ones generally. In this way you will not have to worry about what color your next reel will be ... however to make this model even more innovative, Italcanna is the first ever to make this model in FUOCO colors ... We cannot guarantee you victories, which will depend on good right from your commitment and a bit of luck, but certainly if you find yourself competing with a Desert Storm you will know that you will be faced with a very formidable equipment ...



The Revolver from Italcanna is a new 3pcs. for advanced fishing, made of high modulus carbon with Aspide style tip and from which it inherits the particular action that tends to keep a long lever during loading. Incredible tip sensitivity that allows signaling even the slightest contact Produced in two powers, 125-150g. and 140-180g. for the length of 4.40m. Masterful continuity of action with the underlying arc of power, a perfect mix that creates rapid returns of the tip to avoid annoying bounces typical of those who only mount a soft tip. Due to the small diameter we tend to underestimate it by comparing it to a Beach rod, but we can assure you that it is a rod that pushes and pushes a lot and does it without excessive physical effort. It is in fact a particularly useful product for those looking for a non-tiring rod: the power of the stock makes it suitable for everyone, experts and not, powerful and less powerful physicists. Three symmetrical elements for a total length of 4.40m can be used with fishing casts. Not suitable for ground angled casts for which we always suggest our other specific models. Fuji reel seat and Fuji K series guides. Italcanna patented "Rew Taper" system for easy assembly and disassembly even with cold hands. Graphics taken care of with the inevitable Italcanna-style visible carbon. Standard with new lining with separate compartments.



We are well aware fishing rods are just a tool to spend some free time with on the beach, but if you, like us, love challenging the impossible you totally have to look at the new Aspide rod, and we're not talking about the outside... One of our partner anglers had a specific request for us and that's where Aspide comes from, he then followed all the practical tests and development steps. This rod is the newborn object from our research and development team, it required several months of attentive work to be projected in detail as it is, 5 prototypes and 8 different raw materials. The request was to have a rod with great power, able to maintain a long lever during loading phases to gain high escape velocity without, at the same time, hardening the tip. All the opposite, the tip had to be so thin it could completely be set to zero during casting but immediately come back to full action and sensibility in fishing. All this, of course, without breaking and using the "best materials around", keeping a small diameter, extreme lightness and especially, the hardest thing, join all these features without creating a discontinuous action. That's why Aspide is based on a very innovative concept, never attempted before, a new way of thinking fishing rods, different from all our previous products and all other rods on the market. The sure are other hard rods around, but Aspide exasperates even more than Vitium the idea of a "Tough with sensible Soul" rod. Despite the clearly strong lever it is still able to carefully lead the bait in the first phases. By simply moving it in the air you cannot understand what we're talking about: It feels like a two pieces, but looking at the tip we realize something's not the way it should be... (is this a beach or surf rod?) The final results for this project have been even more incredible than we could ever expect: a crazily impressive loading speed immediate come back with minimum vibrations, zero breakings even on super thin lines you push and it goes, this rod goes progressively yet fast from the start it can be used from 75 to 175g (2,6 to 6,2 oz), a rod that beside a few specific applications goes well beyond the concept of range, ideal weight, still or rough sea. The center of gravity of the whole rod is close to the reelseat for a perfect balance (absolute lightness has no benefits without a good balance).



Entirely redesigned with FEA engineering software. This blank promises excellent performances in addition to a new fiber look that is also useful for a radial confinement function, given the considerable forces the blanks are normally exposed to during the catch of a big fish. A double force wrapping guides system, a real leather handle and an anticorodal butt complete the rodís standard equipment.



From the remarkable performances of our StandUp-Pro rod, appreciated by all European agonists, we started developing this new project, distinguished by a reduced weight, a smaller diameter, and a stronger bottom power. Particularly suitable for a every category-competition, this rod has a masterful continuity of action and the capacity of creating a minimum stress to the line, but in the meantime, it also allows, when needed, fast recoveries in a completely safe way. This rod represents the best and newest techniques in the art of blank manufacturing with composite carbon fiber. The wrapping guides are strictly hand-made with a dual power system to provide stability even in the most critical conditions. Carbon-butt (Italcanna patented) characterizes this innovative



JIG-LIGHT- K New product for Light Jigging - kabura - created specifically for our seas in two versions: for rotating and fixed reels. The spinning version is equipped with a feel-touch reel seat on the blank for greater vibration transmission from the tip. High quality assembly with Fuji components, ergonomic closed cell knob which also acts as a counterweight for exceptional balance in the hand. Available in two powers 20/60gr. and 70/160gr. standard length 200cm.