Our best products and accessories for sea bream fishing

The FALCON ATMOSPHERE BOLO is a highly versatile Bolognese rod, designed to meet the needs of anglers looking for complete and balanced equipment. Lightweight and easy to handle, this rod is suitable for use with thin leaders to catch large prey. Ideal for river fishing, looking for barbel, chub or sea bass in the mouth, in ports and on the cliffs, a favorite habitat for mullet and sea bream. Developed by the Falcon team, the ATMOSPHERE BOLO offers a progressive action that allows the use of thin hooklinks without fearing fights with large prey. It is the perfect tool for fishing large barbel and chub in rivers, sea bass in the mouths and ports, and fighting mullet and strong bream on the reefs. With its lightness, versatility and optimal balance, this rod is able to guarantee excellent performance in all fishing situations



The new Shimano Technium Tele Boat Light Drifting rod is a premium quality rod designed specifically for light drifting and bottom fishing methods. The telescopic design is easy to carry and the extra fast action, combined with a stiff handle section, makes line control accurate, easy and super fast. If you are seriously interested in light drifting and similar methods to bottom fishing, the Technium Tele Boat Light Drifting is an excellent choice, as its high-level performance will maximize your capabilities. Perfect for targeting prey such as mackerel, sea bream, horse mackerel, you will be amazed at how light and well balanced these fantastic looking rods are, especially when you have to constantly adjust the line during leeway. With a casting power of 50g, covering a wide range of weights, two solid tips are provided which allow you to adjust the action by selecting your preferred power. During use, you will appreciate the extra length and fast action of these rods, which will allow you to maintain excellent control of the bait, even at long distances. The Technium Tele Boat Light Drifting's high modulus carbon telescopic blank is enhanced by Diaflash technology in the handle section, giving the rod a lightweight, balanced feel, as well as providing additional strength and rigidity. Supplied with two solid tips of different strengths, the fast action and extra length of these models improve distance control of the line and increase the speed of the tip at the moment of strike to guarantee an ultra-fast strike. Equipped with anti-tangle stainless steel Seaguide guides, the Technium is equipped with a Shimano DPS reel seat and a rubber cap for greater fighting comfort.



The Gamakatsu LS-3323F is an incredible hook to say, it was missing in our great offer. Often, in fact, fish such as sea bream require hooks with a robust structure, given that they are able to easily open or break many types of hooks that are perfect for this spare but born for other techniques or other fish. The available sizes cover infinite possibilities: from fishing for small-sized gilthead seabream, such as those found near farms, up to the large gilthead seabreams that are brought together in autumn and which often turn out to be unexpected and unexpected catches for land fishing enthusiasts, both with the Bolognese and surfcasting.



The Gamakatsu G1-103 Competition series is a robust hook, it is particularly suitable for fishing fish with a robust palate, bream and sea bream are the designated victims, the bronzed color makes it ideal also for fishing with carp mais.

Pack of 15 hooks.



The new Trabucco Oracle Progress Beach is a 3-piece rod for light surf fishing from the beach or from cliffs. Super thin blank in three sections of CX1 Micro Pitch High Modulus Carbon, with semi-parabolic action, two interchangeable full carbon tips: Light (white/yellow), Heavy (white/orange), ideal for fishing for bream and bream. Final part of the tips colored with highly visible and reflective paint, sections with Slick Surface finish that repels humidity avoiding adhesion of the line to the rod, Sea Guide double leg guides in SiC with anti-corrosion PVD treated frame fixed with double ligatures to seal them feet compared to the saltiness. PacBay slide reel seat in anti-corrosion steel, size 7 to house large reels. Molded rubber bottom grip to offer total control during the launch phase.



The Trabucco Oracle Advanced is a telescopic sur casting rod with progressive tip action, ideal for striped bream fishing. 6-section telescopic structure with slim profile and small footprint. Special Zero Friction Blanck finish which prevents the monofilament from sticking to the shaft in case of humidity. Telescopic tip in solid carbon, extremely sensitive and painted in white. Double leg guides with SiC loop, graphite screw reel seat with anti-corrosion steel mobile hood. Exclusive lower grip in non-slip material and rounded knob.



Trabucco's Perseide Accurate Beach is a new series of rods designed for light beach fishing with Striped and Sea Bream. Telescopic structure made of 4 sections with progressive action curve. Blank made from High Modulus CX-1 Micro Pitch carbon. Zero Friction blank repels water droplets, avoiding line’s stick. Two interchangeable solid carbon tips, painted in fluo colours for high visibility: Light (Yellow, 20-50 g) and Heavy (Orange, 50-100 g). Double leg Sea Guide SiC guides with corrosion proof MN frame and protective o-rings incorporated in wrappings. Size 7 Pacific Bay stainless steel plate reel seat with rubber lined hoods. Rubber butt grip with aluminium cap and round rubber insert.



The Edonis Mormora by Trabucco is a telescopic rod ideal for fishing for bream or sea bream with rigs within 100 grams, semi-parabolic action. Reinforcement on the joints by means of carbon bands, sensitive high visibility telescopic tip. Steel screw reel seat, for large reels, lower grip in non-slip material and aluminum and rubber cap.



Trabucco Hisashi are small eyelet hooks ideal for feeder fishing both at sea and in inland waters, the strength of sea bream and sea bream is known for this reason the series of hooks that Trabucco has created is of excellent strength and reliability. It is advisable to tie the hook on the shank and to pass the threads through the eyelet for a better grip. Qnt 15 for packing.



Cultiva JH 86 X-Head Jighook, leaded heads aimed for light fishing in the sea but also in fresh water. Thin but resistant hook with a really performing bait stop. Ideal for sea bream, scorpion fish, horse mackerel but also for trout, chub and perch in fresh water.



We have succeeded in obtaining a new series of boat rods to design highly performing products, easily adaptable to amateur fishing. Evidently, sea boat competition requirements are unique, and require specific balanced, light and solid equipment as far as 5 meters long. An evolution which makes it possible for fishermen to use long and more functional rods, combined with light equipment to be handled for several hours. Superior Challenge Tele Medium. Handy cane for multiple contests, or deep bottom and medium depth fishing. Which is why its progressive action is recommended for 50-150gr fishing without any point of yield. Perfect for fish big mackerels and lanzards but also for deep fishing and balanced for medium-heavy weights. Ideal for gilthead sea breams for medium-light power rods. Fiberglass Tip LL - lenght 750mm. Fiberglass Tip ML - lenght 700mm. Superior Challenge Tele Strong. Light and strong, a real jewel. Designed for contests to use rods which provide balance for reliable medium-heavy weights beyond 200 gr. Recommended for deep bottom contests. Light-power and perfect for large fish which will be appreciated by amateur fishermen. Long-distance balanced rod even for amateur fishermen. Perfect for light drifting of bonito and dentex. Fiberglass Tip LL - lenght 760mm. Fiberglass Tip ML - lenght 690mm. Fiberglass Tip MH - lenght 650mm.



The Sonora SW Match range is a new range, specially designed for salt water float fishing. The XT30+GLASS blank has a nice progressive curve and provides a beautiful fish-fighting action. Ideal rod for fishing species like mullet and seabream.



The Sonora SW Match range is a new range, specially designed for salt water float fishing. The XT30+GLASS blank has a nice progressive curve and provides a beautiful fish-fighting action. Ideal rod for fishing species like mullet and seabream.